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Most of the cancer patients who seek out alternative cancer treatments have already had significant orthodox cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, etc.) and have either been sent home to die or have quit their orthodox treatment prematurely. These cancer patients are by definition: advanced cancer patients.
Also, cancer patients who have certain kinds of cancer, even if they are newly diagnosed, should always be considered to be advanced cancer patients. Examples would be pancreatic cancer, brain stem cancer, glioblastoma, etc.
Fighting advanced cancer can be thought of as fighting a raging house fire. If your house was on fire and the fire department showed up with fire extinguishers and garden hoses, you would be very upset!!
You would want the fire department to come with several large fire hoses!!!
Most alternative cancer treatments, by themselves, are garden hoses. They are strong enough for most newly diagnosed cancer patients, but they are not strong enough for advanced cancer patients, as just defined.
The research cancer treatments on this websites have not been evaluated for advanced cancer patients, nor do we want them evaluated for advanced cancer patients!!
Advanced cancer patients need highly proven protocols which were designed by experts in alternative medicine, who have many years of experience working with advanced cancer patients and have had good success working with advanced cancer patients.
The best of the best alternative cancer treatments will be home treatments (which come with expert support either by telephone, email or Internet chat group support) or they will be treatments which are given at alternative cancer treatment clinics.
We at the ICRF have received emails from advanced cancer patients who did not understand that several of the most effective cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients can only be mentioned on other websites. Because they did not understand this they used a treatment on this website. To make this clear we have added this section.
If you are an advanced cancer patient, or you are helping an advanced cancer patient, you MUST go to another website to find a treatment which can give them a good chance of survival!!!
To do that you must visit the Cancer Tutor website or one of the other websites linked to on this website.
To find the Cancer Tutor website you must use Google or another top search engine. Enter something like this into Google (include the quotes):
"Cancer Tutor Website" "Alternative Cancer Treatments"
Pay very close attention to the names of the websites which show up.
The "CancerTutor" website should be the first non-advertisement. Google likes to use near-white backgrounds for their advertised websites so that a person cannot tell which websites pay for their ranking and which do not. Be careful not to pick an advertised website.
Once you find the CancerTutor website be sure to look on the left side-bar for the words: "Alternative Cancer Clinics." This link will take you to an article on alternative cancer treatment clinics and books on foreign and domestic alternative cancer treatment clinics, such as in Germany, Mexico and the U.S.
Also on the left side-bar look for the link to the free eBook: "The Treatment of Stage IV Cancers." This eBook describes several of the most potent alternative cancer treatments.
As mentioned above, other very excellent websites to find cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients can be found on this web page:
Links to Many Top Cancer Research Websites
Understand, however, that the best of the best alternative cancer treatments only have a 40% to 50% cure rate on advanced cancer patients. Cancer patients who have had extensive orthodox cancer treatments are generally in very critical condition.
But even for those cancer patients who do not survive, there are many benefits to using alternative cancer treatments, such as extending life, treating pain, and many other benefits!!

About the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

The ICRF is not only researching many alternative cancer treatments for advanced cancer patients, but it is also exchanging notes with other researchers and other alternative cancer research organizations.
But researching new cancer treatments is only one of the things the ICRF does. Our main focus is in helping cancer patients.
We welcome all contributions. A contribution of $1,500 allows us to purchase an electromedicine device to loan to cancer patients. This not only helps the cancer patients greatly, it also helps our research.
A contribution of $5,000 would allow us to purchase a fairly expensive electromedicine device to both research its capabilities, "protect" the technology from any type of destruction (remember both the AMA and FDA tried to destroy the Rife technology) and help cancer patients.
As already mentioned the board members of the ICRF have more than 40 years of cancer research experience and collectively we have worked with thousands of cancer patients.
We not only research cancer we also research AIDS and a host of other microbial diseases and dentist-caused diseases (e.g. M.S.). There is a lot of synergy in our research of different diseases.
For example, a nutritional product which has done miracles for Parkinson's Disease patients has great potential to extend the life of cancer patients to allow more time for their main treatment to work. This is called "buying time" for the patient.
It should be remembered that not all of Mother Nature's solutions are equally strong or equally fast-acting. Likewise, not all situations cancer patients face are equal. Some people are in critical condition the day they are diagnosed because of the type of cancer they have or the delay in getting diagnosed.
When a cancer patient is first diagnosed they are usually, but not always, easy to cure. However, as time passes and the number of cumulative orthodox treatments increases, their bodies become more and more damaged and their cancer becomes harder and harder to cure. Thus, as time passes they will need stronger and stronger treatments in order to survive.
It is super-strong alternative cancer treatments for these kinds of cancer patients (i.e. who have had extensive orthodox treatments or were diagnosed late or have a very dangerous kind of cancer), that we are looking for.
As already mentioned, about 95% of the cancer patients who seek out alternative medicine have already had massive amounts of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and other orthodox treatments. These people have massive damage done to their body, their immune system, etc. Plus they have a lot of cancer cells still in their body.
Treating these cancer patients involves many, many things.

Note #1: The American Cancer Society (ACS) uses all kinds of clever definitions and clever statistical tricks to make orthodox cancer treatments look far more effective than they really are. Also, the pharmaceutical industry uses clever advertisements to imply the "cure rate" of their treatments are very high. If these things were true, why do the number of cancer deathsincrease every year? The fact is that the true cure rate of orthodox medicine is less than 1% except for a very small number of cancer types which are very slow growing or respond well to chemotherapy.

The Education of Alternative Medicine Researchers

There are no schools in the world which teach a person how to cure cancer. As already mentioned, the average housewife knows far more about natural medicine than the average medical doctor. So how do the top experts in alternative medicine get their education?
Some of the top experts are medical doctors who switched from orthodox medicine to alternative medicine. In fact, many of the leading people in alternative medicine made the switch. Many of them have left the United States to avoid persecution by the American Medical Association or its state boards.
But the average person who is an expert in alternative medicine is not a medical doctor. If a person knows how to cure cancer, whether they are a policeman, housewife, truck driver or medical doctor, they learned it on their own time.
Using the above story, you don't need to know how to do surgery to kill a cockroach. Mother Nature has put cancer-killing substances in many hundreds of different plants and herbs.
We at the ICRF already know how to cure cancer (and we have made these cures public information). This knowledge is what gives us a big advantage as we seek even stronger treatments for the very advanced cancer patients we normally deal with!!!
If you or your loved ones want to survive a deadly disease you had better quit watching television and you had better learn how to dig through the massive amount of information on the Internet to find the truth. Hint: For health issues look for consistent patterns when looking for testimonials.
If you want to make a financial contribution to your future health, and the future health of your loved ones and friends, see the bottom of this article.

Who Are the Members of the Board of Directors

Here are the current officers and members of the Board of Directors:
R. Webster Kehr, Chairman and President, author of the CancerTutor website. Webster lives in Kansas. It was Webster who developed the model of how cancer cells form in 2004.
Mike Vrentas, Vice President - Treasurer, who with his wife Cherie, run a small natural medicine website. Mike lives in Missouri and supports a protocol called the Cellect-Budwig protocol.
Bill Henderson, Vice President - Secretary, is the author of a major book on alternative cancer treatments. He is also the author of a major website on cancer and has a weekly Internet radio show. Bill is a retired Air Force Colonel. He lives in California and also supports many cancer patients.
Dr. William Wassell, M.D., Vice President, is active in Vitamin C research (i.e. orthomolecular medicine) and provides technical support for alternative cancer researchers. Dr. Wassell lives in Louisiana. Dr. Wassell is the son of a famous medical doctor who was a hero during World War II. He disobeyed orders at great risk to his own life to save the lives of several of his wounded soldiers / patients. A movie was made about his heroics ("The Story of Dr. Wassell" starring Gary Cooper). It is this kind of bravery that allowed our Dr. Wassell to join our board.
Gary Teal, Board Member, is an expert in acupuncture, electromedicine and general alternative cancer treatments. Gary lives in Utah.

To email Mike Vrentas or Webster Kehr of the ICRF:
Email Mike Vrentas or Webster Kehr of ICRF

How Do I Contribute to the ICRF?

We greatly appreciate donations of any size. Please click this button to contribute by mail or credit card:
To Contribute to the ICRF
IDResearch Treatments (Sample)
1) OCCThe Overnight Cure For Cancer
  Short or Long Term Treatment to Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells
2) DMSO - Chlorine DioxideDMSO - Chlorine Dioxide
  Long Term Treatment to Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells
3) DMSO - Vitamin CDMSO - Vitamin C
  Long Term Treatment to Kill or Revert Cancer Cells
4) DMSO - Colloidal SilverDMSO - Colloidal Silver
  Long Term Treatment to Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells
5) Ultraviolet Light TherapyNear Ultraviolet Light (UVA) Therapy
  Uses UVA light to vibrate hemoglobin, which in turn kills microbes
  inside cancer cells (cancer cells revert to normal cells)
6) Wheatgrass/UV TherapyWheatgrass/Ultraviolet Therapy
  Uses ultraviolet light to vibrate chlorophyll in wheatgrass
  to cure cancer and other diseases
7) DMSO Potentiation TherapyDMSO Potentiation Therapy
  Combines DMSO with Very Low Dose Chemotherapy
  (This treatment must be done at a Medical Clinic outside the U.S.)
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